March 16, 2011

My fluency mini lesson plans

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The assignment this week was to develop a unit plan that will help improve fluency. I focused on a 4th grade classroom since that is the grade I am currently observing. The strategies that I am incorporating are: It’s all Greek to Me, Reader’s Theater, Read Around, Fluent Phrasing, and Fairy Tales, Then and Now.

It is important to note that the teacher will be reading a book called The Lightning thief. In this book there are some characters that are based on Greek Mythology Gods. That is why I came up with the lesson It’s All Greek to Me. In this lesson plan students will learn more about Greek Mythology Gods and terms that will be occurring throughout the book.

Reader’s Theater is focusing on reading aloud with expression and emotion. Students will be learning how to express themselves from the character’s perspective while reading the story. (Davis, n.d.)

Read Around is where students will be given a set of cards. Each set of cards has two cards with phrases that are similar in meaning. Students will be asked to identify the phrases that have similar meanings. (Davis, n.d.)

During Fluent Phrasing Students will be working with a partner. Each group will come up with phrases that are unfamiliar by looking through books that have not been read before. These phrases will be reviewed with the rest of the class to increase knowledge of confusing or unfamiliar phrases. (Davis, n.d.)

During Fairy Tales, Then and Now lesson, students will rewrite a fairy tale in a more modern setting. The students will brain storm ideas while working in small groups, but each student is to turn in an individual story. The teacher will be assessing the student’s writing skills, creativity, and how much background knowledge was incorporated. (National Geographic, n.d.)

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  1.   ahartsell — March 16, 2011 @ 11:21 pm    

    I also put reader’s theatre into my fluency plan. I think that it is a wonderful strategy and students love getting to act out scences. It helps improve fluency because students are having to reread over their parts to ensure they know what to say. The more they read it, the more fluent they should become with it.

  2.   Keith Tennyson — March 17, 2011 @ 2:55 am    

    I also included Reader’s Theatre as a strategy in my fluency plan. As a fourth grade teacher, my students are always excited when time is alloted for Reader’s Theatre. Great Blog!

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